FFC origins from a family owned restaurant based in Nice ,France back in 1935 serving one of the most unique crispiest ,crunchiest and succulent fried chicken .The dish was quite a favorite and rave amongst the local diners and community .But during Second World War ,the restaurant closed doors and the recipe of FFC remained a secret for many years , till in 2011 one of the family members discovered the recipe hidden amongst the family heirlooms . Having travelled to many places and being a gastronomist himself ,the family member worked in hand with food experts to re brand and relaunch the secret recipe along with some of the favorite ‘On The Go’ foods for today’s generation as French Fried Chicken ,launching for the first time in Abu Dhabi , UAE.

FFC flavors originate from France using 17 varied ingredients of herbs and spices .The crispiness gives the first crunch as it melts and bursts into a fusion of flavors capturing the first bite , succulent and lip smacking. The aromatic biryani served is light , blended carefully with spices offering rich taste and flavor. A luxurious and royal dining ambience welcomes the visitor as the variety of spread offers various choices for the diner from burgers, biryani and pizzas .

FFC also boasts of a well equipped party hall in the heart of the city that can host more than150 persons ,ensuring privacy in a vibrant and relaxed ambience. FFC stands apart out of the crowd from the other fast food dining outlets is the services provided akin to a fine dining restaurant wherein the diner will have the food delivered to their tables and not have to wait or stand in a long queue ,ensuring quality services and food is delivered to the maximum satisfaction of the customer.

FFC is everyone’s choice filled with vibrant ambience serving today’s generations cuisine for the go getter crowd on the move!

FFC is a division of NTS Group – which began its journey under the entrepreneurship and leadership of Dr Francis Cleetus – an innovative and creative industrialist from India. NTS Group is established in the field of Education , Manpower Consultancy , Hospitality Industry and Real Estate all over GCC , India , China and Russia for the past 2 decades . We offer our genuine services to clients engaged in different fields and our workforce consists of more than 3000 persons of various categories.